Sitting And Writing – OUCH!

OUCH! Take a break!

OUCH! Take a break!

If you’re a writer you probably sit.  I myself stand whenever I can because we humanoids just really were not built to sit.  Often we have little choice in our work place, or at home in our workspace.

I recently ran across a wonderfully concise yet easy-to-follow video showing some stretches that you can (and should!) do to keep your spine sublime.  These movements are meant to specifically help folks who need to sit for long periods of time while they’re working.  You do not need to be a monster athlete to do these movements, and they are a really big help in fighting fatigue, spinal problems and posture issues.

Watch the short video and move along with it.  I even did the resistance band movements without the resistance band and it helped!

Take care of yourself as you write so that you can keep writing!  Here’s to your health!  ~TH~

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