Scouting For Books

Here we have three rescued books involving boy scouts.  Scouting has seen a number of changes over the years to suit the political and religious changes of the successive eras.  I believe today’s badge for Tracking was original called Stalking.  Scouting may have shifted away from overt military and religious messaging over the decades, but the concepts of dignity, morality, respect and honor are still in place.  Passing through the ranks and becoming an Eagle Scout is still seen by colleges and employers as a sign of discipline and achievement.

scout booksThe Scout Field Book and the Handbook For Boys were both published in 1948.  Even though the center book for Wolf Cub Scouts is mine from childhood I still consider it rescued (none of my comic books made it this far).  It was printed in 1969.  I never did move into boy scouts.  My son did though, he’s a proud Eagle Scout.

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