Here’s Your Daily Push To Create Something New – YOU!

Before you can become the creative person you really want to be, you need to get yourself in a physical and mental state that nurtures, not impedes, that creativity.

bully_yourselfAbout ten months ago I needed a push to get myself moving.  Over the course of three decades I had let myself slip slowly and methodically into a habit of inertness.  Anything that was cheaper, or faster, or easier, or more convenient – I bought into it.  As I looked around, I was comforted to see that all of the people around me were doing it as well. Friends, family members, acquaintances, fellow shoppers – my life choices were bolstered and condoned by a substantial contingent of like-minded people.

So, about ten months ago I hired a personal trainer and I worked with her once a week.  I began to get my diet back on track, becoming hyper-aware and mindful of every forkful of food that went into my yawning maw.  Aside from the obvious benefits this had on my well being; slimmer waistline, eliminating prescription meds, more energy during the day and so on – I am startled to find myself, ten months in, being – more creative.

Those people that continue to carry the mantel of convenience?  I see less of them now for some unknown reason.  The people I’m close to now?  They seem to be making more mindful choices for themselves too, reaping the health benefits of their new choices.

I’m not boasting here, I’m simply observing.  It seems that looking back on this past year, as soon as I ‘broke from the herd’, a new herd was already in place for me, ready to accept my “new” way of thinking.  It is a proven psychological phenomenon that we will tend to gravitate toward and protect people with similar ideas and backgrounds to our own.  This is a necessity carried forward within our mammal psyches, a survival mechanism that works beautifully and intuitively.  In modern times however, this intuition can (and does) get a lot of people into trouble.  Following the herd for protection is an instinct that modern companies and advertisers have elegantly manipulated for their own causes.

I’m not floating a conspiracy theory here, no need to start shaping your roll of aluminum foil into a helmet shape just yet.  What I’m saying is, we’re all being maneuvered into a position of making poor choices on a daily basis when we keep our eyes constantly glued to media.  After all, advertisers know where our eyes and ears are, so of course that’s where they’re going to shill for their product.  Please don’t misinterpret my meaning, I realize many advertised products are good.  I’m just attempting to sway you away from the products that offer instant relief, instant gratification, or instant wealth.  If you read the previous sentence and replace the word ‘instant’ with ’empty’, you begin to get an idea of what that really means.

For ten months I have made radical changes in my life, all with the direct intention of making my life (not your life) better.  It just so happens though, I now find myself in the company of many people who really are interested in making my life (and yours) better.

These are people who have come to the realization that to be a successful ‘meat puppet’ here on good ol’ planet earth, we need to nourish our bodies with food that is good for us, movement that strengthens our bodies, and thoughts that nurture our own creativity and stimulate growth within our own community.

I challenge you to start your own improvement right now, focusing only on what you need – right now– to make yourself better; to heal yourself.  I needed to lose weight, so I slowly began to change my lifestyle.  I did it in a reasonable, methodical and mindful way.  The best part?  Once I began to ignore all of the “instant” empty advice that the media bandies about, it was much easier for me to stick to it.  Once I began to eat correctly for my own body and to exercise correctly for my own body, all of the other creative aspects of my life improved.  I could not have come this far without my new community that I now surround myself with.

I implore you to place yourself in a community that will nurture your well being, not tear it down.  It does not have to be a physical community, there are loads of helpful and intelligent resources on the internet that I use daily to keep myself moving forward in a positive way.

Please become the creative and healthy person that you are supposed to be.  Purge the poisonous foods and effectively dangerous ideas from your day-to-day life, and start creating something new and beautiful.  Be mindful of what you feed your body and what you feed your mind.  When you start taking care of yourself you are placing yourself in a strategic position to help others.   And dog-gone it, that feels good.  ~TH~

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