Typewriter Art – It’s New To Me!

Last month my wife and I celebrated our wedding anniversary.  I wasn’t sure what to get her besides flowers.  One day as I was researching typewriter history I ran across an artist, Keira Rathbone, who has become quite famous for her art work.  She creates it all with a typewriter. QE_Keira_Rathbone So I ordered a notecard print for Laurie, shown here.  It’s great fun to look at closely to see what characters the artist used to create the different shapes and shades.  I just found this short article on another artist using the typewriter as a tool for creating portraits and visual art. It’s great fun to see the creative ways people “misuse” inventions.  Artists… they’re so artistic!  ~TH~

POST SCRIPT:  Large thanks to Richard P. for turning me on to a cool book about this very subject. He has a blog on this kind of stuff as well.   Yay!!!  ~TH~

When were portraits made using typewriter?


Rio de Janeiro- based artist Álvaro Franca uses nothing but a typewriter to create gorgeous portraits of his favourite authors. For his Typewritten Portraits series, Franca created portraits of five of his favorite authors, which included Jack Kerouac, J. D. Salinger and Charles Bukowski. According to Distractify. com, the experimental series began while the artist was studying at the Cambridge School of Art, but he plans on continuing it the following year, adding five more typewritten faces to the project.

5 thoughts on “Typewriter Art – It’s New To Me!

    • I’m addicted to it! No real interest in trying anything like that myself though, I can barely type words! Thanks for reading — ~T~

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