The Sticky Part Of Awards

How about a book instead?

How about a book instead?

In this day and age it’s astonishing to me that this bullshit still exists.  Now that more than half of the world is connected via technology I ask, can we begin to crawl from the primordial ooze that is racism, sexism, religionism (I made that one up, ala Tommy Smothers) and other-isms??  When I was a younger man I recall John Lennon stating that he did not believe in -isms.  Despite all of the rhetoric surrounding his causes I have to say, he really DID make a lot of sense.  We really do need to end the perpetual motion of ignorance on our globe, this political bullshit should be over by now.  End rant.  ~TH~

1 thought on “The Sticky Part Of Awards

  1. Does the world really need another Andre Norton book? Seems like if he wanted to publish more, he’d have hired a team to write for him by now, like Tom Clancy did.

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