Relearning To Read

You know those “What teacher most influenced your career?” type questions?  I hate those questions because frankly, I can’t think of a single teacher that sparked me.  At least, not a teacher from the public school system.  That’s not to say I didn’t learn anything, I just can’t say with confident hindsight that any one person inspired me at school.  How sad.  BUT – at least I can claim to be a card-carrying victim of 20th century schooling; so I can always snuggle up to that comfy thought each night.

I don’t blame the school system outright.  As is our (human) nature, we all got caught up in the old “Ooh, if THIS is good, more of THAT will be even better!” mentality.  Even worse, we let economics dictate the course we take, centering our sites on the median aggregate.  On paper it always seems prudent, but it rarely is in real life.  Community life continues to disappear along with over-the-fence discourse.  No one seems to know how to make a point anymore, much less an argument.  So here I sit, wishing I could read.

Actually I do know how to read, but reading media “tweets” and reading novels are two different skills.  And what ever happened to skimming?  Wow, that’s a skill I really have to relearn.  What a time saver!  I wish my high school teachers would have turned me onto that discipline when they assigned me Hemmingway.

I stopped reading after college.  Cold.  Dead stop.  What a travesty.  It’s a horse I’m finally willing to get up on and try again.  Giddy-yup.  ~TH~


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