Blue Leaves

Blue Leaves

Blue Leaves

I wrote this a couple years back on 4 pages of a steno book.  I was sitting outside, enjoying the beautiful day surrounding me- yet, I was thinking about all of the chaotic noise that surrounds us… all created by people.  People who have immersed themselves so deeply into a technological culture that they refuse to let things just “be”.  It’s a noisy place we live in to be sure, but it certainly doesn’t have to be that way all the time.  I hope you’re inspired to unplug, breathe, and enjoy the world around you- as is.  You’ll find it really is quite remarkable, even if it’s not all understood.

I’m not quite through editing this piece, but it’s “close enough for rock and roll” as we used to say.  Note that it was typed up using my Royal Mercury typewriter.  I have discovered that a good bit of my typing skill came back pretty quickly- I never would have thought my brain would retain those nifty muscle-memory memories, yanking them up all the way from high school.  Our brains are just so brainy… it’s marvelous.  Anyway- here’s the poem- enjoy.  Comments welcome.  ~TH~

blue leaves

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