Call Me Crazy But…

OK, call me crazy, but… I’m relearning my typing skills.  The last typing lesson I had was back in high school in the latter part of the 19th century, around 1889 I believe.  Yep, home position, here I come.  To celebrate, I treated myself to a “new” typewriter.

My ROYAL Mercury typewriter

My ROYAL Mercury typewriter

Got this beauty on Ebay, a Royal Mercury from the mid 60’s.  I changed the ribbon and it works like a dream.  I missed the old ‘clack clack’ sounds, announcing to the world that yes, I’m actually writing.

I’m very pleased that folks still use paper.  I really don’t want to start making my own paper…

Here’s a very cool website where you can see some old typewriters – and some not-so-old too.  Enjoy.  ~TH~

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