What If I Just Weight?

What If I Just Weight?

I’ve been weighing myself first thing in the morning. I enjoy the trick, I know I’ll be at my lightest at that time. The downside is, if I weigh myself at any other time of the day I become despondent because I gained 3 pounds, seemingly out of thin air. I know intellectually that if my AVERAGE weight drops over an extended period of time that I’m succeeding- but seriously, can I see a show of hands… how many of us can honestly say that when the scale jumps up 3 pounds (for no good reason at all) we aren’t at least a little disappointed?

We all fool ourselves on a daily basis. The need to rationalize is so deeply ingrained in us, it’s no wonder we become confused and demoralized. Homo sapiens of BOTH genders are equally susceptible to the grand illusions of what a proper body image should be. The reality is, it comes right back to our beady little brainy-brains and how they’re wired. We’re all just a mass of carbon with the extraordinary ability to constantly assess and reevaluate every doggone thing we do. Birds don’t do it. Bears don’t do it. And the pathetic part is, after all this time, we’re still really crappy at it – at least the part about being honest with yourself.

I have always ascribed to the philosophy that if I’m going to do something that’s harmful to my well being for the sake of enjoying life then dammit I’m not gonna to feel guilty about it. After all, feeling guilty about it is 180 degrees off from enjoying myself. Unfortunately that’s the philosophy that also made me the physical paragon you now see before you.

I have absolutely no regrets. I knew what I was doing the entire time, and you know what? I really DID have fun. And now I get to have more fun, albeit as a thinner guy. Unfortunately, that cheery optimism doesn’t stop me from wanting to throw that f****** scale out the window.



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