Alright Already!!!

If you’re a reader who pays close attention to blog titles you can probably guess what this post is about.  If not, this should give it away —  Yes!  It’s the exciting subject of exclamatory statements!  Now with more exclamation points!!  Aren’t you excited??!!!

WOW!  Exciting!  Yeah!

WOW! Exciting! Yeah!

While not as annoying as the ALL CAP monstrosity of the internet world, the overuse of exclamation points has been on my mind recently because I am a former EP addict.

One of the many banes of writers and language scholars, The EP has now given me a firm understanding of the old saying “Ignorance is bliss”.  Yes, I used to blissfully read posts and advertisements chock full of EPs fully understanding the meaning of the messages.  Now I can hardly glean any useful information from them.   Infant writer that I am, the sight of any misused EP is as distasteful as garlicky mother’s milk.  “Seriously” I ask my brain, “That’s the way you want me to perceive your language skills?”?  [NOTE: As you can see, I still have a long way to go in the proper use of punctuation, please bear with me.]

A number of my close friends are teachers and writers.  They post cute little messages on facebook about incorrect syntax, poor grammar and ill-used punctuation.  That used to drive me mad.  “Get off your high horse!” my brain used to say, “It’s just a quick comment on a trivial social network!”.  Then I began to take my own writing a little more seriously.  Like the cake you cannot unbake, so too is the recognition of poorly used punctuation.  You can’t unsee it.  Then suddenly the message is lost.  “Gaaaaah!” I say, “stop it!”.

As you can tell I have not yet succeeded in eliminating the unnecessary EP from my thoughts, but I am on medication for it.  I just wanted you to know that when you see this type of thing and these same thoughts occur to you- you’re not alone.  I feel your pain.  Hallelujah!!  ~TH~

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