The brave, fragile type

I’m so fragile.  You are too.  Don’t deny it.  We’re strong for other’s, but weak for ourselves.  And it’s all in our heads.

Damn that voice, that egocentric voice!  It’s why writing or any other creative pursuit is hard.  When people see it they say “I could do that”, but they rarely do.  If they get the nerve to try it they’re unimpressed with the results; and they say “Wow, that’s harder than it looks!”.  Unless they’re lying to themselves.  Which is what we do as writers.  We lie to ourselves every day.

We say “This is easy, I have a million ideas!”.  The issue is that we need to get one good idea down on paper, not a million.  So we do the only thing a sane person can (no, not quit).  We break down like a faulty machine part.  We let the entire machine go quiet until we can replace the bad part in our head, and then we kick start the machine and get it chugging again.


This little book may help you keep the machine running.  Writing Down The Bones by Natalie Goldberg.  My copy is 4.5 x 3 inches, a tiny book.  I use it.  I flip it open and read one little chapter (after all, it is a little book).  It helps me- it might help you too.

It’s a crazy world, the writer’s head.  Just get that one good idea down; then another, then another…  Meet me at the asylum, I’ll be the one in the corner, mumbling…  ~TH~

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