Ten minutes, no problem, right?

I often wonder about Edison’s attitude as he worked on the filiment for the incandescant lamp. I realize that he had a small team of apprentices and that he worked on multiple projects simultaneously. I’m thinking specifically of the “getting down to it” aspect of his work (and mine). Was he discouraged at times? Sometimes I am. Often I feel like I’m riding an untamed bronco toward each goal in my life. Up/down, start/stop, back/forth, and finally… hit the ground hard. Don’t misconstrue what I’m saying, I’m not complaining. But we all know the old saw about the road to hell… it’s paved with good intentions. Countless times I have started (and restarted, and re-restarted) my daily timed writings. This last time I thought I had a manageble goal; 10 minutes. 10 measly minutes per day. Now looking at my journal, the last entry was… 32 days ago. HUH?? Oh yeah, a lot of things happen during the course of a day, more than can be counted in the human mind. Am I disappointed? A little… Am I upset? Not at all… Hey, I’m an old hand on this particular bronco. Sooner or later this ride is going to smooth out. So, I guess there really is something to this idea of locking yourself in the room for two-plus hours each day and working on it. That’s what Edison did, and now I can see the keyboard as I type this. Thanks Thomas!!

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