A little inspiration

I’m an odd duck I suppose, I enjoy relearning things. I always know that I’ll be better at it the next time. I guess it’s what other’s refer to as ‘practice’, but I’ve come to prefer relearning. That way the learning seems fresh. Here’s a blog I’ve been following for a little while. I found it while searching for blogs pertaining to making music. Well yes, this gentleman does play music- but he’s also somewhat of a nomad. He tours around in his small camper and goes wherever he wants, stays as long as he wants, and leaves when he wants. This morning I was purging my reader list of blogs pertaining to music marketing and “getting ahead” in music. I’m actually much more interested in becoming a better writer. The Blog “To Simplify’ made the cut because he writes about his experiences on the road in a very candid way. If you’re a writer I encourage you to find blogs that inspire you to write more- and this is a good starting point. Learn how to use a reader to aggragate your blog subscriptions, you’ll be happy that you did. Here’s the blog

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