A little inspiration

I’m an odd duck I suppose, I enjoy relearning things. I always know that I’ll be better at it the next time. I guess it’s what other’s refer to as ‘practice’, but I’ve come to prefer relearning. That way the learning seems fresh. Here’s a blog I’ve been following for a little while. I found it while searching for blogs pertaining to making music. Well yes, this gentleman does play music- but he’s also somewhat of a nomad. He tours around in his small camper and goes wherever he wants, stays as long as he wants, and leaves when he wants. This morning I was purging my reader list of blogs pertaining to music marketing and “getting ahead” in music. I’m actually much more interested in becoming a better writer. The Blog “To Simplify’ made the cut because he writes about his experiences on the road in a very candid way. If you’re a writer I encourage you to find blogs that inspire you to write more- and this is a good starting point. Learn how to use a reader to aggragate your blog subscriptions, you’ll be happy that you did. Here’s the blog


Excellent article on re-writing

Here’s an excellent article on the writing process.  This article points to novel writing, but the information here is easily applied to song writing, short stories, poetry… any kind of writing.  If you’re a writer read this.  ~TH~